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Are you looking for VPN services? Avast VPN could become a decent solution. This company offers complete confidentiality, secure connection, and several other benefits with its VPN software. Today, we’ll get to know more about it as well as how to get a free key.

What Is Avast SecureLine VPN?

In case you use other Avast products, you must have heard about SecureLine VPN. It’s an affordable solution that delivers reliable VPN services. Like any other VPN, this one aims to enhance the anonymity and security of users when they use the Internet.

Main Features

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. When using it, users don’t share personal information with the Internet. Instead, they reach for the needed data through secure servers. They encrypt the data and shield the users’ IP addresses as well as other sensitive information.

Avast offers every customer access to numerous servers that are located in over 35 countries. When buying the subscription, a user can opt for a license per one or five devices. After that, every customer gets access to the following advantages:

  • Complete confidentiality;
  • Secure connection;
  • Access to any content (it can bypass geo-restrictions);
  • High speeds;
  • Zero-log policy;
  • 256-but AES encryption;
  • DNS-leak protection;
  • Supports P2P;
  • OpenVPN and OpenSSL protocols, etc.

Free Recourses

Are you interested in trying the service? Download and install the software from the official website. It brings a 7-day free trial. Very convenient and more than enough to test all the features, possibilities, convenience. However, in case you want to use this software for longer, you’ll have to activate the premium version. To do it, one needs a license key. You can purchase it on the website by choosing the services you want.

An alternative solution is to find a free key on the Internet. Many websites offer free license keys for this software. The license key will deliver access to all features. Keep in mind that it’s preferable to get fresh keys. Sites usually update the keys regularly. It’s also crucial to watch when the license expires. One can find this information in front of each key.

Using the key is very simple. A user copies the set of numbers and letters. Then one must open the dedicated window of the Avast SecureLine VPN. Inserting this combination and clicking on Activate unlocks all software’s features.


Avast SecureLines VPN provides a possibility for every user to establish a secure connection and access all kinds of information without geo-restrictions. This enhanced security provides more anonymity and protects the information on users’ devices.

To get this software, one has to get the license key. This key activates the software’s full potential. Those who have activated software can access any hotspot without worries about identity theft or personal data leaks.

Use license keys on the web to activate your software and get free services. As a rule, they come in long lists, so you’ll have to try a few to get the working one.

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