Virtual data room comparison: manage and distribute confidential information

Modern business has a lot of opportunities that are associated with the safety of data of large companies. You can not be afraid of losing information if you use VDR technology. These services have been wiping their noses with conventional cloud storage for many decades and captivating the hearts of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. This article will learn about some of the most popular VDR-type services and compare them.

Top VDR Service Dealers

To enjoy every session of working with a virtual data room, you should immediately choose a reliable provider that can provide comfortable and uninterrupted work. Below you will find a virtual data room comparison that mentions all the most popular data rooms with high reviewer ratings:

  • For many users, its name is synonymous with “perfect.” And this is not surprising: the software began to develop in 2008 and since then has taken into account all the market features of large enterprises, giant transactions, and management processes. Here you can hold board meetings, and the program itself can generate protocols, polls, and voting. It is also convenient to store documents in it.
  • One of the pioneers in the industry. It is best to choose this program for large companies and corporations, as for small and medium-sized businesses, it is difficult and clumsy. However, it has all the necessary options for the daily work of the administrative apparatus, decision-making, due diligence, and large transactions.
  • If you are a small company or a startup, this product is worth trying. Since 2011, British developers have been meticulously working on improving this software. You will appreciate the ease of use and affordable rates that won’t hurt your small business.
  • Another option for a small company that wants to keep all their documents in a safe place. Confidentiality of information is guaranteed – many choose this program to store data about the company’s finances.
  • This provider has many service packages of different costs to serve both medium-sized businesses and corporations, large companies. The software is perfect for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Since 2011, this company has specialized in creating software for online meetings. Accordingly, you can quickly start a discussion, and its protocol will be automatically generated. You can also hold voting here, and make various decisions together with the management team.

No less strong market leaders are Onehub, Firmex, Caplinked.

How to choose a data room

Data room solutions are pretty tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time and have not used such programs before. There are a few ironclad principles to follow. The provider must have good customer reviews and be focused on your industry. You’re off the hook if the VDR is for financial businesses and yours is a healthcare-related corporation.

Also, make sure in advance that the program’s interface is simple enough that all employees can easily master it.

Do not forget about the price: it must be acceptable for your business. If you can afford to pay 150-200 dollars a month, then you should not choose from among programs that cost 1.5-2 thousand.

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