How to Use Express VPN Activation Code?

When using ExpressVPN, you might face a situation when the software asks for an activation code. It’s not a big deal, and one can easily handle this problem in several clicks. Let’s find out what this code is, when users need it, and how to get one in the article below.

What Is an ExpressVPN Activation Code?

ExpressVPN activation code is a unique combination of numbers and letters all ExpressVPN customers receive. Sometimes it’s referred to as a key. When you buy the service, you’ll get this code in order to be able to activate all app’s features. By using this code, every customer can obtain VPN services and increase anonymity & security online.

The activation code gives you access to premium services. Depending on the subscription plan, customers may activate it on several of their devices. Usually, it’s up to five. It allows protecting all household devices. Keep in mind that the code might not work if you try to create the sixth simultaneous connection.

When Do You Need the Activation Code?

If you are an ExpressVPN user, you’ll have to use the activation code in several cases. First of all, whenever you install the app on a new device, you’ll need to activate it with this code. Secondly, users might need the activation code when they logged out and need to get in again. Finally, in case you removed the app or reinstalled it, you’ll have to get the activation code. So, basically, whenever you need to activate the service.

Aside from that, users might require a new activation code after the old one expires. To find out more about it, you might go to your account on the official website and read about your subscription.

How to Get and Apply the Activation Code?

To get your activation code for ExpressVPN, you need to sign in using your email and password. A unique code will be under the Set Up Your Devices section. You may click on the copy icon that is to the right of the code and copy this combination of numbers and letters. Insert the code in the required field on the app and enjoy the services. If you look it up on a different device, you’ll have to type in the code manually. In this situation, one should be very attentive. One wrong number or letter and you’ll get an error message. You’ll have to retype it again. A little tip for users who enter the code manually: be attentive about special characters and whether Caps Lock is on.


As you see, getting the activation code from Express VPN is not difficult at all. Follow our instructions, and you’ll fix the issue in several clicks. You may also consult the information from the official website. It has extensive knowledgebase regarding dealing with various issues.

However, in case you fail or the code doesn’t work, customers can get in touch with the support center. Experienced managers will help resolve the situation.

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