Disable Avast Secure Browser in 4 Ways

Everyone knows Avast mainly for its advanced antivirus application that has gained a lot of recognition on the cybersecurity programs market. Avast Secure Browser is an application you can get in a bundle with the basic Avast pack and everything would have been fine, but there are quite some issues with it. Even though the process of deleting this browser from a computer is not too complicated, some users look for information on how to disable Avast secure browser in a right way to avoid additional problems and keep the security of the system on a high level.

Why Avast Secure Browser is a bad option?

There is a significant oligopoly on the modern market of browsers for computers. Most popular solutions like Google, Opera or Internet Explorer have taken over it a long time ago. Thus, people are usually skeptical about new browser applications because they already have everything they need. Avast Secure Browser is not an exception, and its main flaws include:

  • In most cases, users do not choose to install it on their computer as it comes in a bundle with an antivirus. It means that you can accidentally get an additional program you did not need, which is quite frustrating.
  • Avast makes a convenient antivirus application, but when it comes to a browser it is not that advanced. The functionality and interface of it is significantly poorer compared to the competitors, which makes it just unnecessary.
  • Some of the users and trustworthy sources reported issues with the security of personal information. It turned out that the browser stores all of the searching history and some other data on the server, which makes it very vulnerable to the external threats. It is definitely not something you would expect from a browser with such a name.

How to disable Avast Secure Browser easily?

Even though the process of uninstalling or disabling this application is quite basic, it can be useful for some of the users to find out about different methods.

4 ways to disable Avast Secure Browser:

  • You can do it via the Applications and Programs page in the Windows menu. All you have to do is to find the browser in the list and choose to delete it.
  • Try to disable it in the settings. You can make another browser your main one again without deleting Avast Secure Browser.
  • Disable it using the main menu window of the Avast Antivirus, where you can find the list of all the applications from the company.
  • You can use the Control Panel to get rid of the Avast Secure Browser. Find the application in the list, right-click on it and delete.


Avast Secure Browser is not the worst browser out there, but considering the variety of more viable and efficient options, it may be considered unnecessary. Every user can disable it in different ways by following the given instructions.

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